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I find joy in the process of turning raw wood of God's creation into useful and beautiful human objects. Please explore this website for examples of my practical work. The earnings from my work go towards supporting missionaries, missions, and charities. Most of the wood is locally sourced and repurposed. Typically, they are storm downed trees or cut by the owners for safety reasons.


Handcrafted wooden bowls and boxes that are primarily for function but some with artistic design.

Beautiful things, simply to enjoy and bring joy

Practical and durable wooden kitchen utensils that elevate your cooking experience.

Handwriting is rapidly becoming a lost art. Wooden or acrylic turned pens that are joy to use. I do not do much pen turning anymore but do use wooden pens daily in my work.

Wooden ornaments of snowman, trees, bells, etc. These will become treasured keepsakes.

Simple wood-handled screwdriver of common use or simply a whimsical creation, the joy of hand made craft...

I have enjoyed general woodworking as long as I can remember. Then I discovered the wood lathe. I immediately was smitten with the creative potential. I suppose I am a "self-taught" woodturner and carver which is a misnomer. I heavily learned from Mr. Raffan's books (renowned woodturner and teacher) and Youtube teachers. I am very grateful to many craftsmen and artists who take the time and energy into putting out videos. I am indebted to countless number of people for my free education.

As many woodturners who venture into this adventure knows, there comes a time when there are too many bowls, small turned trinkets, and kitchen items that accumulate around the house. Sure my wife and relatives appreciate them but will anyone else? Anyway, I have dedicated my entire career in mental health as a vocation, and woodturning also allowed a way for stress relief. I absolutely love it. So, what am I to do? I decided to try my hand at selling my craft but donate the money back to the community. God has blessed me, and I am not in need of additional living funds. It is my hope to be a blessing to those who enjoy my craft as well as donating the earned funds back to support missions and charities for the glory of God.

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