Recent Works


My most recent focus has been creating boxes, primarily woodturned version of the Korean Kimchi pottery called Onggi earthen pot. It is a traditional Korean pottery for fermentation of Kimchi. It requires hollowing of wood and turning the matching top. In order to recreate the dark earth tone and glossy pottery look, the exterior has to be painted to a close match. Luckily, this is a very utilitarian object of use in Korea with many variations so it does not have to be an exact match of color or shape.

These are some examples of my work. As you can see, they are mostly simple, functional items. Please contact me if you are interested any of these. I will be happy to email you if the item is still available or if I can make you one very similar. I can do custom order as time permits but remember I have a full time job... Most prices are on the price list.