Hello, my name is Suk, and I call myself a woodturner and carver in Huntsville, Alabama. I am joyfully married to most wonderful and godly wife, Molli. We are blessed with two grown lovely daughters. My life is simple, boring, yet so rewarding; it centers on marriage, family, church, work and crafting. I would call my work craft, not so much art.

There are amazing woodturners who create visionary works of art. I am not one of them but I am envious of their talent. My focus is primarily on the functional, both hands on and visual. My tendency is synthetic and less original. Nevertheless, the joy is in the creation and seeing other's using the craft for their own enjoyment. I am simply enjoying a hobby, and returning any monetary benefit from it back to missions and community. It is a win-win endeavor in my book.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." Psalm 19:1. NIV. It is my desire to declare the beauty of God's creation in all that I do, and in turn, proclaim his glory. I am simply blessed to be able to have this opportunity to create, serve, and bless.

I am still working fulltime so this remains a hobby. However, I am approaching retirement age, and perhaps there will be an opportunity when I can devote more of my time in this endeavor.

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